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Over the years, our annual summits have been in-person, by-invitation-only, events. For reasons clear to everyone, for 2020, this trend has been disrupted. This disruption, while painful at much broader and deeper levels than our event, has already led to several changes in our everyday life and how we conduct business.


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Our Vision

Eddy Azad, Chief Executive Officer

Make the management of manufacturing operations as simple as possible. This vision has been at the core of our efforts in building the TrakSYS solution platform. The mission is more critical than ever before when you consider the global challenges that we’ve all faced in 2020. Our virtual event will focus squarely on identifying the key challenges and how we’ll help you meet them decisively.

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Packaged Solutions

Bill Rokos, Chief Technical Officer

Manufacturing operations are different. Businesses are different. These all exist on spectrums of complexity, uniqueness, appetite for customization, budget, etc. What is the correct balance between standard (out-of-the-box) functionality and extensibility?

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Apps, SaaS, and Public Cloud

Bill Rokos, Chief Technical Officer

IT landscapes shift and evolve, the desire for enterprise applications to be hosted centrally and/or from the cloud (SaaS) is becoming more common.

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Visual Workflow

Dave Ray, Director of Product Advancement

TrakSYS Visual Workflow seeks to refresh the image of MES rollouts by empowering the users and architects of today and tomorrow.

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